Soil + Climate + People = Sense of Place

Loam Soil and Undulating Foothills

Situated an average of 120 metres above sea level, our vineyard is elevated up off the Valley Floor which gives some protection against winter frosts while gentle slopes help drain the soil. Our ancient, mountain derived grey sandy clay loams with broken sandstone offer water holding capacity to protect the vines from summer drought stress. Low fertility and lower summer rainfall naturally limit the crop.

Our Cool Climate Region

Cool nights and slow temperature rise during the day help us retain the unique aroma and flavour profile of every grape variety grown in our vineyard.

The Human Element

Ultimately, great wines are made in the vineyard and the healthier the vineyard the better the quality. Therefore, it is our greatest priority to make sure the vineyard is as healthy as it can be. It all starts with us, the people who take care of it. The passion of everyone involved ensures that the soil is balanced and the connection between the land and the wine is as strong as it can be to provide our creations a sense of place.

How we farm our land

At SOUMAH we have a ‘supervised control’ philosophy in relation to viticulture practices. The French call it lutte raisonnée or ‘reasoned fight’. The basis for this philosophy is to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides as these will eventually degrade the soil and make a weaker vine.


At Soumah we believe in the following wine growing values:

  1. Single Vineyard Focus
  2. Cool Climate Styles
  3. Quality over Quantity
  4. Research, Plant and Nurture
  5. Our Wine Focus:
    – Northern Italy – Savarro, Pinot Grigio,  Ai Fiori, Nebbiolo and Brachetto
    – Eastern France – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Viognier
  6. The pursuit of savoury and elegant wines
  7. We are partial to blue



We specialise in wines from eastern France and across to northern Italy. This relatively small area is home to the ancient grapes varieties and the origin of many of today’s most popular wines.

Over the centuries the varieties within this central European region became interchangeable and traveled back and forth. For example, did you know that Viognier is a distant cousin of Nebbiolo? And Savarro began its history in Bolzano, Italy but is today found in Eastern France as well.

Another interesting fact is that Pinot Gris (or Grigio) and Pinot Noir (or Nero) are both found in France and Italy albeit under different styles.

Experience our wines

We invite you to browse our wines and experience the fruits of our labour.