Drinks Adventures Talks About Pinot-Syrah

Introducing Pinot Noir-Syrah

Pinot Noir and Syrah together might be an oxymoron to some. The blend, however, has a great heritage in Australian winemaking with many legendary wines made of this blend in the forties and fifties by some of Australia’s most famous winemakers.

Drinks Adventures recently highlighted the Pinot Noir-Syrah blend and chatted with our winemaker, Scott McCarthy. “We thought it would be a bit of fun,” says McCarthy. “For us, it’s really a stand-alone wine — if you taste it, it’s not obvious that it’s a blend, it really creates its own entity.”

To learn more about this unique blend that is gaining traction in the Yarra Valley and beyond, read the full article here.

Our 2021 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir-Syrah is available for purchase at Cellar Door. If you ask (nicely!), our team is certain to let you sample before you buy! Alternatively, order online here.