IN THE VINEYARD: Spring Plantings, Part 2

Another Italian Variety.

Early this week, we planted Barbera to continue our focus on the northern Italian varieties and styles that Soumah is known for. We previously sourced Barbera from other vineyards for our Nebbiolo Barbera blend but have always planned to grow our own.

Barbera is Italy’s third most planted variety and originates from the Piedmont region. It is a cooler climate Italian red and due to it’s heat tolerance, the variety has done well in Australia since it’s arrival in the 1960s.  It makes easy-drinking wine that has received an increase in popularity recently and offers an alternative to Nebbiolo.

In the northern corner of our Hexham vineyard (if you were driving to visit us, you would see these new plantings at the corner of Skye and Hexham Roads), we have planted the Mat 4 and Mat 5 clones. From this patch, we hope to produce fruit for our red blend along with a more premium style Barbera.

We invite you to keep an eye out for a few new wines in our Italian portfolio!