2016 Brachetto d’Soumah


This lightly sparkling wine with it’s soft bubbles, low alcohol and gentle sweetness is the perfect start or finish to any meal.

The 2016 vintage began with a relatively cooler winter and early spring. However the late spring and summer saw mean maximum temperatures 2 degrees more than normal although minimum temperatures remained typical.  This day time heat, coupled with 7 inches less rain in the growing season moved harvest to some of the earliest dates on record. Late reds in particular moved one month earlier than long term trends. The unusual heat of the summer saw the fruit develop lovely rich fruit flavours and the normal minimum temperature ensured good acidity retention. Allover a cracking year for the bigger reds and all whites more powerful than normal.

Brachetto is an Italian grape of origin. It is one of the only grapes to smell and taste of Strawberries and Rose water. So it’s a little like drinking Turkish Delight. We build a dessert wine by leaving the grapes ripen past 14 baume and then stop fermentation with 3 baume of sugar left so we end up with natural sweetness to about 70 grams per litre. Our d’Soumah range of wines are made with fruit sourced from our own and other premium vineyards throughout Victoria to produce wines of distinct character and finesse. Our d’Soumah range is built to deliver an exceptional price for value proposition and we believe this wine certainly delivers on that promise.

Reviews coming soon. For more information about this wine please contact us.

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