2019 Cantina d'Isera Teroldego Vignetti Delle Dolomiti IGT


Colour is a deep ruby red with purplish hues. With a fruity nose, it recalls the small fruits of the forest undergrowth, blending with floral notes, recalling the violet.


Cantina d’Isera is located in the small village of Isera, Province of Trentino, Trentino-Alto Adige/Subtirol. Cantina Sociale d’Isera was established in 1907, when Trentino was still a part of the Habsburg Empire. It was then that local viticulturists began harvesting precious grapes grown on these basaltic hills. The main grape variety among those was the indigenous Marzemino.

Today, the cooperative comprises of more than 150 vineyards spanning over 200 hectares of prime vineyard terrain. The cooperative vineyards have one thing in common that unites their passion: their commitment to uncompromising quality and wisdom of ancient traditions. This, and the systematic control of the entire process by their winemaker Massimo, ensure their customers are guaranteed to enjoy and appreciate the wines created with the passion of the Isera people and the generosity the hills provide.

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