Wild Savagnin ‘Solero’ #1


Savagnin or Savagnin Blanc — not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc — is a white wine grape with green-skinned berries. Its history is complicated but was first recorded in the Tyrolean village of Tramin in the 10th century. The rudimentary winemaking techniques of this time inspired us to take small parcels of Savagnin and make wine in an old-fashioned way, with minimal intervention in the vineyard and the winery. Handpicked, foot stomped, using 100% solids in the wild yeast ferment without stirring in clay eggs. We then created a solero system for aging, layering vintage over vintage. It has that Savagnin trademark citrus acidity but is fused with the brooding flavours of age-old traditions.

Varietals: Savagnin (not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc — it is a different variety)

Fermentation Vessel:  Seasoned Barrels and Clay Egg-shaped Vessels

Fermentation Style: 100% Wild, Full Solids

Baume at Harvest: 2015 = 12.10, 2019 = 12.30, 2020 = 12.10

pH at Harvest: 2015 = 3.45, 2019 = 3.44, 2020 = 3.34

TA at Harvest: 2015 = 6.6, 2019 = 5.50, 2020 = 7.30

This is an ancient variety having been around since the first Millennium and is a parent of many of today’s modern grapes. We have been successful making our Savarro from this variety but wanted to see what a wine made from this ancient grape would have tasted like a thousand years ago.

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