Spring in the Yarra Valley

Spring in the Yarra Valley | Flowering

Spring in the Yarra Valley is an exciting time for all Viticulturists and Winemakers as it sets the tone for the vintage ahead!

When we think of grape growing and vineyards, autumn harvests are usually the first thing that come to mind. However, the growing phases leading up to harvest are just as important. The flowering phase follows bud burst and usually occurs mid-spring in the Yarra Valley.

Referring to our vines as flowering, we mean the phase when grapevines produce flowers and then start to bloom. Pollination is the next step and occurs when the flower opens up dispersing the pollen from within it. Grapevines self-pollinate and do so by dropping their ‘cap’ and releasing the pollen, this is better in dry calm weather as extreme winds or rain can reduce pollen density.

Weather is a huge influence during this time of year as cold spells, heavy rain or even hail can knock the flowers off the vine before they have had a chance to pollinate. This doesn’t necessarily affect quality of the grapes however it affects quantity, leading to lower yields.

We have just spotted the first flowers in our Hexham vineyard which is a great sign that we are on track for Vintage 2024, and all fingers and toes are crossed that the weather cooperates with us over the next few weeks!

Spring in the Yarra Valley
Spring in the Yarra Valley

First sign of flowering in our Hexham Vineyard in late October 2023.