VINTAGE 2022 UPDATE: Tuesday, 1 March

Ticking Along!

Things are well and truly ticking along in both the vineyard and winery. Our Savarro is fermenting the sugar slowly in stainless steel tanks to retain as many aromatics as possible and it is a similar story with our Pinot Grigio. Two of our Chardonnay clones — 76 and 95, were handpicked last week and have been whole bunch pressed into oak waiting for the wild yeasts to kick in.

This week we will hand pick our Mendoza Chardonnay, which is destined for our Equilibrio range. As we want it a little riper and richer, we have left the fruit to hang for another week, and it is looking and tasting great! Our Viognier will also be handpicked and whole bunch pressed into oak.

We also plan to harvest our Pinot Noir and Brachetto (How good does the Brachetto look in the pic above?). The Pinot will go directly into fermenters, while the Brachetto will be left to cold soak and extract the lovely colour this wine is known for.

After a few more days we hope the Syrah will be ready for picking and we will foot stomp the Equilibrio portion of our Syrah prior to fermentation. Keep an eye on our socials for photos!

We  have planned a short break while the bigger reds — like Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Marzemino (which are also used for our Ai Fiori rose) — finish ripening. Although there is less fruit out there this year, the flavours are amazing, and they will continue to develop as the wine matures.