VINTAGE 2022 UPDATE: Tuesday, 15 February

And so it begins…

We are heading quickly into the start of vintage, with this warm weather finishing the ripening on some of our earlier varietals. It has been a good growing season so far, with the dams almost full due to the rainfall over summer. Although there is less fruit out in the vineyard than in an average year, the bunches are small and compact and will produce more concentrated wines with big flavours. Warm, dry conditions over the past few weeks have been ideal to concentrate the flavours and sugars in the fruit, heading towards optimum ripeness for harvest.

This week we plan to pick our sparkling base for the next release of our Blanc de Blanc. Made from Savarro and Chardonnay grapes, this will once again be a fresh, crisp style with lovely citrus flavours. Our Pinot Grigio is also close to harvest and we plan to harvest this overnight to retain the delicate aromatics this wine is known for.

The rest of the varieties are slowly ripening in the vineyard with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir next in the harvest line up. This will be followed by our Savarro and Wild Savagnin, Brachetto and Syrah. The bigger reds won’t be harvested until later in March as they still need more time. Exciting times ahead and we will keep you posted!