Plucked from the vine this morning

This week and SOUMAH we’ll be handpicking the main portion of our Chardonnay from the Hexham vineyard outside the restaurant. This will just leave a few rows of our Mendoza clone to ripen for a little longer in the sunshine, with the aim for it to become our Equilibrio Chardonnay for this vintage.

Pinot Noir will be picked overnight next week, along with our Upper Ngumby Chardonnay – which is always a week later than our Hexham block.

If the warm days and cool nights persist, we’ll aim to hand-harvest our Wild Savagnin late next week and put it straight into our clay eggs for fermentation.

Viognier will soon follow when this tricky grape is perfectly ripe, while Savarro, Brachetto and the bigger reds are all still a couple of weeks away. The sugar is increasing slowly and the natural acids are dropping, but needs just a bit more time to develop fully.

Currently, we have Pinot Grigio ticking away in tank in the winery and our young Chardonnay has already been put to oak waiting for the wild yeasts to begin ferment.

We’re thrilled with how everything is going, and will keep you updated over the next few weeks as we finish up with harvest!