VINTAGE UPDATE: Wednesday, 3 March

Vintage 2021 continues…

The Soumah vineyard team, headed up by Tim Knight, have been very busy harvesting our grapes over the past two weeks and testing them for sugar and acid every few days. While we aim to harvest our grapes at optimum sugar levels, or baume as it is called, this is balanced by the natural acidity occurring in the fruit which decreases as the sugar increases. We also taste the grapes to ensure we get a full-flavour profile for each variety. If the flavour is not there, then we will let the fruit hang on the vine to ripen up a little more and develop the profile we are looking for.

Savarro, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir have all been harvested and are safely in the winery, fermenting away. We will hand pick our Chardonnay fruit over the next two days to be whole bunch pressed and left alone to naturally ferment in oak barrels. Our Equilibrio portion will be left on the vine to ripen a little more in the sunshine before picking next week.

We also plan to harvest our Brachetto for our dessert style Frizzante and also the Tranquillo wines. Our very first pick of Marzemino will be coming in for our Ai Fiori Rosato and then we will wait for the ripening of Viognier, Syrah, Cabernet, and finally Nebbiolo!

Over the coming weeks we hope for clear, sunny days and cool nights so the vines will get everything they need to produce an exceptional vintage. This is such an exciting time!