VINTAGE UPDATE: Wednesday, 31 March

Almost there!

Vintage 2021 is coming to a close. We just need some lovely sunny days and no rain to finish ripening our late varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo (pictured).

Our whites are happily ticking through primary fermentation in the winery with our Pinot Grigio almost finished in tank. Our Savarro has been racked off yeast lees and sulphured up, waiting until after vintage for bottling. Our Chardonnay and Viognier are quietly bubbling away naturally in a selection of barrels, fermenting the last of the sugars out, and our Pinot Noirs are slowly going through malolactic fermentation in oak developing complexity. Our Syrah will be pressed off this week and put into barrels for maturation over winter, leaving the Equilibrio portion on skins to extract more flavour and colour. We are very happy with the first harvest of Marzemino and how it is looking for our Ai Fiori Rosato. Once picked, we hope to add a small portion of Cabernet for further interest and complexity in the Rosato. Brachetto is still fermenting away, but we plan to stop the ferment around 50g/L residual sugar to retain the sweeter style wine we are known for.

Overall, the wines are looking very varietal, and we are really pleased with the aromatics on the whites and the colour and depth of flavour for the reds. Bottling will commence in July with our whites, while the reds will mature in oak for longer.